Domain rent – convenient and economy!

If the site begins with a domain, the domain begins with registration, which gives you the right to own it for 1 calendar year. But what if you need a domain for a certain, shorter period of time – is it worth overpaying or is there an alternative?

For such cases, modern domain name registrars and hosting providers have brought to the market the service “Domain rental”, which allows you to save not only money, but also time to complete a full procedure for registering the address of your site.

Renting a domain will allow you to administer the domain you like for a fixed term convenient for you. Check whether you can rent a specific domain on the site of the selected registrar or hosting provider. In case the domain is busy or unavailable, try changing the domain zone. Please note that many companies set a minimum rental period. At the same time, companies most often provide customers with the opportunity to extend a domain if necessary for an arbitrary amount of time.

It is important that the leased domain posted content that does not contradict the current legislation. Otherwise, your page may be blocked by the provider or regulatory authorities.

Renting a domain is relevant, first of all, for those who conduct marketing campaigns – you can choose a domain that reflects the essence of your offer for clients and create a landing page on it. In this case, the domain should be rented for the For what SSL certificate is needed duration of the action, taking into account the time required to prepare and test the page, as well as organizational issues.

Renting a domain is also suitable for those who are just about to launch their own Internet project: you can diagnose and optimize key parameters at the leased website address, as well as check the quality of the selected hosting provider so that your resource works as efficiently and smoothly as possible after a full launch.

Also, renting a domain can attract a new audience to your site and expand its sphere of influence – just set up a redirect from an existing address to a rented one. Users will find your project at two addresses, which will increase the likelihood of his visit. As a so-called “mirror” you can use the name of the site, which is identical to the main one, but related to another domain zone.

MASTERHOST offers to its customers the lease of domain names in .RU, .SU zones, which is due to the presence in our group of companies of an accredited registrar of names in these zones. The minimum rental period for a domain is 3 months and can be extended upon your request, and the minimum rental price is only 67 rubles per month. Save time and money by renting your favorite domain name. For lovers of integrated solutions, we also offer to purchase professional virtual hosting. You can test it for free within 14 days as part of the “Turn on!” Offer, and larger sites are recommended unlimited hosting with no restrictions on the main parameters from just 220 rubles per month.

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