How to find out what hosting does a site uses?

In this article we will look through 4 ways of learning hosting of a site if we know only site domain (address)

Why do we need information about hosting in which a site posted? Many reasons:

  • You have complaints against site owner (false reviews are posted, your text or photo is posted without permission); in the site either no particulars or they are wrong.
  • Site works quickly and without shutdowns. You want to know what hosting it uses because you also want to transfer your projects to the hosting.
  • Some person you do not know manages the site. It is working but you are no aware of who provider is. Besides, you have no idea where to extend a lease of domain.

The last reason seems unreal but we regularly come across situations like this. One employee made a site but he quit and information about where website had been published (what hosting) was lost. Considering the fact that many people pay for domain and hosting for 2-3 years it is still too difficult to find anything about it.

Let’s figure out where the site is published by using domain – NS servers

Follow the link: //

There will be an input box and you have to type the domain of site and then press “Search”.

Then there have to appear sections and we need “Whois Record”. We look for the lines “nserver:”.

The main domain in the line NS will be hosting of the site. This way is quick and simple and it suits most of the sites on shared hosting.

Now let’s find out hosting provider of site by using site IP-address.

If the first way has not worked (for example, site is published on dedicated server) then you can try to define hosting provider with an IP-address.

To learn IP-address you need type “ping site ru” in a command line (you can change the domain)

The combination of 4 numbers in the line «Response from» will be IP. We should type it after the link //

There on the page will be written provider particulars

How to find out where hosting of the site take place with the help of the service

After entering the site you should type the domain into the input box. Then you get detailed information about a website: registration date of domain, country of server disposition, IP-address of site.

Extension WIPmania for Firefox

If you regularly need to find server disposition for sites to do it every time with the help of service or command line is not convenient at all. In this case there is a point in installing extension for browser which in one click will show you site information.

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