Privacy policy

Privacy policy for users of satellite services:

We fully understand the importance of private information, that’s why you need to know what type of information websites get while you are using satellite communication services. We strictly protect all types of personal data about our visitors, and that information is really confidential so that it’s not for sale to others.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Every website, for example satellite news, always stores cookies or other information about pages visited recently, so this allows it to know how many pages were read by the visitor at one attendance. However, our website doesn’t do that as this kind of information is considers confidential. If you use a column for comments, use just initials of your name, not your full name, also you should not share your email address there in order to be sure that data of your personal profile wouldn’t be used unproperly by others.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons on advertisements

Some advertisers, for example Google AdSense, usually use cookies to show you ads that have a match with your interests that are defined by your tendency to read certain themes, such as “technologies”, so ads that are somehow associated with that topic would be generally appear more often than others. Or if you frequently read news articles about “realty”, advertisements you see would be fitted with the theme of an article you read.

Use of the Comment Column

We allow all readers to comment news articles in special place, but we also hope that you will use that opportunity smartly. You can be sure that comments that are place not rightly or offend others would be banned, because all comments are moderated before they are added to the comment column. Only comments that are allowed by Indonesian law would be posted in the column.

You are allowed to use your real name in the comment column, but you can also use just your initials. We insistently advise you to use initials instead of real names in order to protect your personal information from irresponsible visitors. You may not identify you email if you want and you still will have an access to the comment column.

By reading the rules mentioned above, we believe that you would become more educated in use of satellite services policies. We can guarantee that all information about our visitors will state confidential and it would never be exposed for sale or stolen.