VPS Hosting – what is it?

What the difference among VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated server?

VPS – is a variety of web-hosting. To post a site in the internet you will have to upload the necessary files in the server. Setting and server management is a complicated and expensive process. Buying hosting services statistically average users get some space in the server and they can post sites online without installing the server as it is required to post the necessary files in the server. Web-hosting is divided into three types:

1. Shared hosting

2. VPS hosting

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

These varieties of hosting are united because they provide users some space for posting their own sites. They differ from each other in ways of installation, characteristics and level customization which is accessible for users.  

Difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting

Shared hosting:

  • Server resources are used irregularly
  • You cannot install your own software
  • No dedicated IP-address by default
  • Standard control panel is used
  • Knowledge of server administration is not required
  • Problems in one account can cause slowdown in other accounts

VPS Hosting

  • Resources redundancy in accordance with traffic
  • You can install your own software
  • One dedicated IP-address by default
  • You can install any control panel 
  • You can administer your server by yourself
  • Accounts work independently of one another

When choosing dedicated hosting you get the server which works at your own disposal. This option will suit people who need traffic for sites or have specific requirements in the area of server installation. Not a big quantity of sites’ owners need dedicated server.

If you have recently created a site and you do not have lots of visitors then it will be quite enough one account in the server. Shared hosting implies that you constantly have to share server recourses with other users.

If you have looked through characteristics of dedicated server but you still unsure about changing tariff then you should pay your attention to VPS hosting.

How does VPS Hosting work and what is it?

Technology that is the basis of VPS hosting is identical to those which are used in software VMware or Virtual Box. These programs let you manage a row of virtual operating systems.

For instance, Windows 7 is installed in your computer but now you have an opportunity of installing these operating systems: Windows HP or Linux without even restarting computer.

Operating System Virtualization

Our VPS Hosting functions the same way. Having one dedicated server we maintain at the same time a few virtual operating systems. Every virtual system presents itself like dedicated server. So you get the advantages of having dedicated server but at a small price.

We use KVM-virtualization. All the recourses of tariff plan are reserved for all users independently of their using. Even if you book VPS-tariff with 2 GB random access memory then in the server this 2GB will be always reserved for you despite the fact that 1-5% will be used from them.

Advantages of VDS hosting

The main plus of VDS Hosting is price which accords with shared hosting and power and control level which accords with dedicated one.

1. Confidentiality. You do not share operating system with anybody and in the server there are no other users who could get access to your files.

2. Your own settings. After choosing VPS server operating system gets at your disposal. That also means that all server applications such as Apache, PHP and MySQL will be available. If you desire to improve these programs then you can tune the server based on your preferences.

3. Control. Even if you install applications in the server which require system restart then you still can fulfill your actions whenever you want. Speaking technically, you keep on sharing dedicated server with other VPS servers but still restart of your dedicated server will not affect other accounts. 

4. Dedicated recourses. After choosing VPS server you will have certain capacity of random access memory and recourses of processor. Unlike shared hosting nobody is going to take your server recourses in the moment when you need them badly.

VPS server Administration

When choosing any tariff plan our employees fulfill basic server tuning for free.

So if you understand what server administration is then you will not have to overpay for unnecessary services. If you are a new person in this thing then you can choose one of the tariffs of administrated hosting. In that case server tuning and software updating will be done by our employees.

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