What does Hosting price depend on?

Every hosting provider defines the price for its services by itself. It depends on expenses which a company has to run up to provide smooth and trouble proof work of a site.

The more expenses they have the higher price gets. Lease price also depends on stability of site work which provider ensures and company reputation.

For example, this is data of monitoring of our site for the last year which was held by Yandex Metrika:

What does hosting cost depend on in the first place?

Cost of hosting services greatly depends on type of hosting you are using.

Shared hosting – that is the cheapest way of posting a site onto the internet. Your site gets the necessary disk space and server recourses for the work. Besides, all the sites that are posted in the server use these recourses jointly.

VPS-hosting offers creation of a shared dedicated server for every client. For provision of work recourses are given out. They are available to clients at any moment. Besides, shared dedicated server lets an installation of additional software.

If your project has “grown up” from shared hosting but has not “grown” to dedicated server then you can now look through the lease cost of VPS server.

Server lease – is the most expensive way of posting sites and this way gives maximum functional. In this case you have dedicated server for posting internet-projects.

Tariff plan and its cost

Every provider gives an opportunity to choose a few tariff plans. The difference in price depends on four factors.

Available traffic capacity. Traffic capacity in cheap tariff plans is limited (it does not happen often though). Such hosting will suit for a site with low attendance, the site which only starts its work. If quantity of visitors will increase with time then it can be transferred to hosting with unlimited traffic.

Permitted amount of sites. The lower hosting cost the lesser sites can be posted. For a cheap tariff plan will be quite fine to post from 1 to 5 sites and for expensive one 20 and more. Other elements of expanded functional are: development of lots of ftp-accounts, data-bases and e-mails.

Disk space capacity. When you lease hosting which costs little provider gives less disk space. For instance, 1GB will be given instead of 10GB which will be available if you choose a more expensive tariff plan.

Software. Additional software (Content Management Systems, site builders, services) which is used in functional tariff – that is one more factor which increases hosting cost.

What else makes hosting price go high?

Reliability of data center. The more safe and reliable data center is the higher chance of smooth site working. Disposition of facilities in such data center requires big expenses.

Used facilities. In order to reduce costs many hosting providers use cheap facilities which often fail to function. The more expensive facilities that your provider uses are the higher price. Special server equipment differs in reliability but its price is higher.

Quality and speed of tech support work. The better tech support works the higher price for services. Cheap tariff plans do not always have day and night support and so when problems arise with a site you will not be able to solve them right away.

Many providers which have cheap services officially have day and night tech support but in fact employees can help you only in weekdays in working time. Employees’ Qualification influences hosting price as well.

How to check quality of services which hosting provider offers?

To make sure that some hosting provider from which you are going to lease space for posting a site is reliable you can read comments which were written by clients. It will let to form a clear picture of company’s work. Text or call to the tech support and ask some technical questions to find out response time and level of employees’ knowledge.  


Existence of license of working that hosting-provider must have influences the cost as well. Such firm is officially registered as juristic party and it is leases office and pays the taxes. Not expensive firm known as “big hosting company” can actually turn out to be a student who is not even registered as Private Entrepreneur and so do he do not take any responsibility for your projects.

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