What is Hosting and Domain in Simple Words?

Those who decided to create a site in the internet cannot go without domain and hosting. Let’s clarify what these concepts mean and why they are important when creating a site.

Hosting – what it is in simple words

Internet-recourses are placed in the servers (computers which work 24 hours and have a few different internet-providers which take place in data centers). Any site presents itself a set of files and data-bases which require space for storage in the server. Hosting is a name of service which allows posting a site in the server of files of your site.

That is how data center with server looks like:

The popular kind of hosting is shared one. Usually people mean it by saying “hosting”. Hosting services either a lease of server or part of its lease. It would be better for a newcomer use shared hosting with a view to economy.

Hosting is divided into the one that requires payment and free. When booking chargeable hosting you pay for the space where you can post your site for some time (month, half of year, year). It is better not to use free hosting even for beginners. Free hosting has limited memory capacity and it does not guarantee safety of your site and often there is no tech support.

Why we need hosting: it is impossible to go without hosting when creating a site because site’s visitors are going to need day and night access to its content. Your own site can be created on the computer but then it has to be posted in hosting. Hosting provides smooth work of your site and working capacity of server facilities.

What is domain of the site?

Domain is a name of site, its address in global network; it is something we type in an address line of browser.

Purchase of domain is a lease of the name for a site (lease period from 1 to 10 years). If you forgot to extend a lease for a domain name, it can be bought out by some other person and he can publish his site using it.

Let’s look through the structure of domain by the example of our site address: //www.ipipe.ru

  1. https (http, wap, ftp and so on.) – Data transmission service. Https provides more protected information transfer.
  2. www. – prefix means that the site takes place in worldwide web. It is anachronism. Lately these letters are not used when typing site name.
  3. ipipe – it is a name of site, its domain name. You make out it by yourself but before registration you have to check if it is not taken.
  4. .ru – it is zone in which domain take place. Domains are classified into international, topical and territorial. So in Russia often domains RU or РФ are used.

COM, NET, BIZ – it means that it is a commercial site or some public sites. The examples of topical domain are zones: .CAFE, .BAR. 

“Beautiful” domains – these are domains which are short and easy to learn. They are usually are used in popular zones.

It is advisable to choose country domain zone if site is considered for citizens of certain country. To register domain in international zone is wise if site audience can be from a few countries (for example, countries of CIS).  

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